Upright Vacuum – Minuteman Phenom Series

Upright vacuum minuteman phenom series is brushing and vacyyming all in one operation that means deep, thorough and gentle carpet cleaning.

Upright vacuum minuteman Phenom series is brushes thoroughly and quickly removes dirt that clings to the individual carpet fibers and ensures an optimum cleaning result, even on areas subject to heavy wear. The telescopic suction pipe and the flexible suction hose make it possible to vacuum curtains and furniture problem free. Clean sensitive areas with the germ-reducing Fibro filter (standard).

The Fibro filter has a special coating made of nano crystals which combats viruses, bacteria, fungi and micro parasites (such as mites) in the used air or in the filter respectively. The filter does not contain volatile substances and does not emit any odors or other emissions.
No tool required brush change out. Adjustable brush height for aggressive or light vacuuming.
Telescoping wand and complete on board tool kit. The brush motor will shut down for safety should a clog occur within the brush roller.

General Overview Upright Vacuum Minuteman :

  • Lightweight and extremely maneuverable.
  • Extremely durable and sustainable with features such as cord strain relief, virtually indestructible composite materials on heavy wear parts, floating head, and automatic belt shut off.
  • Large vacuum head width allows for more efficient vacuuming.
  • 1000 – 1150 watt vacuum motor deep cleans on the first pass.
  • Telescoping wand, 4:1 expandable hose and on-board tools allow for quick change to edging, upholstery and high cleaning.
  • Quick release cord wrap.

Ease Of Use :

  • Floating head means no adjustments necessary.
  • Lightweight at 15 lbs. with an ergonomic handle.
  • On-board tools, expandable hose and telescopic wand makes the right tool available at all times.
  • HEPA filter has easy access and is easy to change for constant clean air.

Green Features :

  • HEPA filter for indoor air quality.
  • Sustainable and durable construction and parts.
  • Easy to operate.
  • ETL listed.
  • CRI Certified.
Voltage115 V
Air Flow104 CFM
By-Pass MotorNo
Sound Level68 dB
Dust Bag Capacity3,79 L
Weight7,7 Kg
Cable Length15,2 M
Suction Hose1,5 M
Nominal Width Accessories1,5"
Vacuum Motor1 HP / 746 W
Brush Motor1/4 HP / 186 W