Sweepmaster 980R-1
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Sweepmaster 980R

The machine is a compact vacuum sweeping machine for use in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Key Features :

  • Perfect sweeping result
  • Filter status indication
  • Program-controlled and effective R2S filter-shaker-system resulting in dust-free sweeping and easy handling
  • Main broom change without tools
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Intelligent disposal concepts: “take-it-easy” or high dump (optional)
  • A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up
  • Powerful drive
  • Many additional options

More Info :

  • Large steering wheel for easy steering
  • Second side broom (optional)
  • Mounted vacuum cleaner (optional on battery models only)
  • Overhead guard (optional)
  • Full lighting kit for use on public roads (optional)
Technical DataSweepmaster B980RSweepmaster B980RHSweepmaster P980RSweepmaster B980RH
Power sourceBatteryBatteryPetrolPetrol
Power output2,3 kW2,3 kW6.0 kW6.0 kW
Sweeping and driving speed6,0 Km/h6,0 Km/h6,0 Km/h6,0 Km/h
Climbing capacity20 %20 %20 %20 %
Sweeping path (main broom)70 cm70 cm70 cm70 cm
Width/Sweeping width with 1 side broom95 cm/5700 m²/h95 cm/5700 m²/h95 cm/5700 m²/h95 cm/5700 m²/h
Width/Sweeping width with 2 side broom12 cm/7200 m²/h12 cm/7200 m²/h12 cm/7200 m²/h12 cm/7200 m²/h
Dirt hopper volume2 x 30 L75 L2 x 30 L75 L
Panel air filter surface3 m²3 m²3 m²3 m²
Filter cleaning systemR2S (electronic)R2S (electronic)R2S (electronic)R2S (electronic)
Weight - ready for operation550 Kg550 Kg380 Kg380 Kg
Length x Width150 cm x 100 cm150 cm x 100 cm150 cm x 100 cm150 cm x 100 cm
Height (with cab safety roof)1,300 cm (200 cm)1,300 cm (200 cm)1,300 cm (200 cm)1,300 cm (200 cm)
Dumping height--135 cm--135 cm

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