Sweepmaster 1200RH-1
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Sweepmaster 1200RH

The machine is the perfect machine for the effective and economic vacuum sweeping of multi storey car parks, warehouse and production facilities.

Key Features :

  • Available as petrol, LPG, diesel or battery models
  • Large 130l dirt hopper with hydraulic high dump
  • Powerful lift-even when the dirt hopper is the full weight of approximately 230kg
  • Automatic broom hopper adaption
  • A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up
  • Maximum manoeuvrability
  • Possible to use the machine in noise-sensitive areas
  • Extremely effective cassette filter system results in a dust-free operation with very little maintenance
  • Simple operation

More Info :

  • Numerous options are available including :
    • Cab safety roof
    • Second side brush
    • Flashing beacon
    • Onboard vacuum cleaner
    • Road legal lighting kit
Technical DataSweepmaster P1200RHSweepmaster D1200RHSweepmaster B1200RH
Power sourcePetrolDieselBattery
Max. output11.9 kW9.8 kW4.3 kW
Sweeping path (main broom)80 cm80 cm80 cm
Sweeping width with 1 side broom115 cm115 cm115 cm
Sweeping width with 2 side broom147 cm147 cm147 cm
Theor. area performance with 1 side broom10300 m²/h10300 m²/h10300 m²/h
Theor. area performance with 2 side broom11800 m²/h11800 m²/h11800 m²/h
Dirt hopper volume130 L130 L130 L
Dumping height142 cm142 cm142 cm
Filter surface5 m²5 m²5 m²
Working speed9 Km/h9 Km/h9 Km/h
Climbing capacity18 %18 %16 %
Weight (ready to use)763 Kg784 Kg920-1100 Kg
Width x Length114.2 x 199.8 cm114.2 x 199.8 cm114.2 x 199.8 cm
Height (with cab safety roof)152 cm (199.9) cm152 cm (199.9) cm152 cm (199.9) cm

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