We provide a wide range of industrial cleaning solutions for every facility, budget and need. Check out this overview of our products to learn more about how Minuteman equipment can help make your facility cleaner and safer!

Air Vacuum

The ideal solution for a vast range of applications and markets, air vacuums use the venturi principle and compressed air to produce exceptionally high static lift and flow. These vacuums are able to move and lift an incredible variety of liquid and solid materials and are available in a range of tank sizes, venturi and hoses sizes and filter arrangements.


Floor burnishers with pad diameters ranging from 17 to 28 inches. These machines are available in cord, propane and battery power models, and they make polishing, scrubbing and stripping any hard floor easier and faster than ever before.

Carpet Care

When your carpets require more than just regular maintenance, you can count on Minuteman carpet care equipment to recover and restore them to like-new conditions. This powerful collection of machines, including spot removers and rider carpet extractors, are reliable, effective options for restoring and maintaining any size or type of carpet.

Commercial Vacuum

The condition of your floors says a lot about your facility to clients, guests and employees. Make a great impression by investing in a commercial vacuum that will keep your floors looking like new. These cleaning machines are ideal for industrial, healthcare, hospitality and institutional facilities, and they have a reputation for being virtually indestructible. They also produce minimal noise, are easy to use and include multiple tool options. We carry a wide range of sizes to suit any facility’s need.

Critical Filter Vacuum

Critical filter vacuums are high-performance, rugged machines that make it easier than ever before to recover hazardous materials and debris, including asbestos. These vacuums trap and contain mercury, mold, lead, nuclear waste and other potentially dangerous materials, making them the safest method for collecting contaminants.

Floor Machines

Our wide variety of floor machines are available in pad diameters of 17 to 20 inches and your choice of single or dual pad speeds. These machines are available in battery, cord electric and propane to best suit your needs.

Rider Scrubber

Our rider floor scrubbers for sale help you clean large spaces faster and more quickly than any other machines on the market today. Our inventory includes industrial riding scrubbers in a range of different sizes and include features that boost operator comfort, increase productivity and offer unparalleled scrubbing performance.

Rider Sweeper

We provide riding floor sweepers for every facility and every application. These powerful machines offer maximum cleaning performance and enable you to clean large spaces easily, even with carpet.

Walk Behind Scrubber

Walk behind scrubber exceed all your cleaning expectations. Durable, long-lasting and easy-to-operate, these machines leave your floors clean and dry in a single pass.

Walk Behind Sweeper

Get professional results for your commercial or factory floors with our automatic walk-behind floor sweepers. These machines are made from only the best materials and simplify the cleaning process, saving you time, money and effort while resulting in the cleanest floors possible.

If you are interested in other Minuteman cleaning solutions, check out the rest of our products, including vacuums, floor machines and floor sweepers.