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Scrubmaster B175R

The Scrubmaster B175R provides efficient cleaning, even on inclines

Great performance under all conditions: Available in three different working widths and equipped with either cylindrical or disc brushes, the Scrubmaster B175 R masters every cleaning task while providing a high area performance – even when working uphill.
The scrubber-drier has sufficient power to perform all cleaning tasks effectively, also on inclines.

Activating the slow mode reduces the working speed to 3.5 km/h to ensure controlled and efficient cleaning. The 90° steering lock provides a minimum turning circle in confined areas.

These are just a few of many examples that show what makes the Scrubmaster B175R the perfect choice when it comes to cleaning large areas such as airports, industrial facilities, shopping centres and logistics areas.

Powerful machine equipped with clever features
The driver’s workplace, designed to satisfy modern ergonomic criteria, offers particularly high levels of comfort: the seat can be adjusted to provide a perfect view onto the working area and the machine can be entered and exited from both sides. Using the machine is also particularly easy and comfortable: thanks to smart features such as the large 4-inch colour display providing the driver with all relevant information at a glance or the clearly structured operating panel with pictograms and one-touch elements such as the 1-button start/stop operating system and the slow-mode button. Filling, cleaning and maintaining the machine is just as easy: thanks to a comprehensive range of clever additional features such as the quick-fill solution tank, the tilt-up squeegee with a patented self-cleaning system and the automated no-tools-needed brush change system.

Key Features :

  • Compact dimensions
  • Available in 3 different working widths
  • 90° steering lock provides a minimum turning circle in confined areas
  • Automatic discharge and pick up of brushes to enable quick and comfortable changing
  • Large 4.3 inch colour display informs user of battery status and filling of the solution and recovery tank
  • Cleans on inclines up to 15%
Technical DataScrubmaster B175R
Width without /width squeegee (cm)112/ 129
Working width (cm)108
Working speed, up to (km /h)7
Power consumption vacuum motor (1-/2 turbines) 1,280
Theoretical area performance (m2 / h)7,560
Nominal Voltage (V)36
Battery Size (Ah)280 - 320
Brush RPM 210
Number and type of brushes 2 x Disk
Power consumption brush motor (W)2 x 930
Solution/ recovery tank (l)175/175
Active squeegee width (cm)126
Total weight, ready for use (kg)1,015

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