Scrubmaster B30-1
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Scrubmaster B30

The machine is a walk-behind scrubber driers ideal for use in small and medium sized areas. Represents the most modern generation of floor scrubber driers for basic and allows an optimum adaption to all applications.

Key Features :

  • Simply laid out and compact design and construction
  • Fitted with an onboard battery charger and an easily accessible changing cable
  • Electrical BRS system (Brush Release System)
  • Squeegee rubbers/seals can be changed without tools
  • Chemical dosing system (optional)
  • Hako Aqua Stop enables the accurate application and efficient use the cleaning solution

More Info :

  • Optional hand held tool can be used to clean areas that are difficult to access
  • Optional Hako AntiBac is available on the Scrubmaster B30CL
  • Noise reduction due to the “siliencer” on the B30 CL
Technical DataScrubmaster B30Scrubmaster B30 CL
Working width (scrubbing)43 cm43 cm
Squeegee width76 cm76 cm
Theoretical area coverage 1700 m²/h1900 m²/h
Brush system1 piece1 piece
Brush diameter43(cm43 cm
Drive24 V battery wheel drive24 V battery wheel drive
Battery capacity80 Ah80 Ah
Working speed4 Km/h4.5 Km/h
Total output1.13 kW1.31 kW
Volumes clean/dirty water tank30/30 L30/30 L
Width without/with squeegee 50/76 cm50/76 cm
Length with squeegee127 cm127 cm
Height above handle bar110 cm110 cm
Noise at ear of operator 64 dB (A)64/61 dB (A)

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