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Scrubmaster B310R

The Scrubmaster B310 R Scrubber Driers is a large, battery powered, ride-on machine that combines pre-sweeping and scrubbing for perfect cleaning results. Robust, compact construction with driver’s seat located at the front in the middle giving an excellent all-round view of the area to be cleaned. Environmentally-friendly due to battery electric drive, low consumption of water retaining device and dosage system as well as the use of environmentally-friendly materials and components.

Key Features :

  • Powerful, manoeuvrable and highly efficient over large areas
  • Large water tank enabling long, uninterrupted periods of operation
  • One button operation
  • Robust and heavy duty design ensures a long service life
  • Plate and cylindrical brush options
  • Powerful 640Ah battery pack available for increased run time
  • Cost saving by Aqua-Control-System :
    • All brushes are equipped with a water retaining ring
    • Brushes and water stop when the machine stands still
    • Precise dosage of cleaning solution
  • Pre sweep unit – Take-it-easy hopper system (CL model only)

More Info :

  • Warning devices and indicators – error codes are displayed for example to show that the parking brake is activated or the recovery tank is full
  • Two side brushes to sweep up dirt over the entire width of the squeegee (cylindrical brush model)
  • Change cylindrical brushes without tools
  • Large opening simplifies cleaning the tank
  • Side scrubbing unit for optimum cleaning in border areas (optional)
  • Spray and Vac hose tool (optional)
  • Can cope with gradients of up to 20% with ease
  • Automatic water filling system
  • Easy maintenance by means of diagnostic system
Technical DataScrubmaster B310R TB 1030Scrubmaster B310R CL TB 1230
Working width 123 cm123 cm
Squeegee width 126 cm126 cm
Power consumption, hydraulic motor1400 W1400 W
Maximum climbing capacity 15 %15 %
Driving speed 8 Km/h8 Km/h
Working speed 7.5 Km/h7 Km/h
Power consumption, suction motor 1270 W1270 W
Number of brushes3 Piece3 Piece
Brush diameter 43 cm43 cm
Brush speed220 rpm210 rpm
Power consumption, brush motor 3 x 710 W3 x 710 W
Theoretical area coverage9250 m²/h8600 m²/h
Flexible panel tank volumes310 L310 L
Nominal voltage 36 V36 V
Total output4.8 kW7.6 kW
Width with squeegee133 cm133 cm
Length with squeegee215 cm215 cm
Height without/with cab safety roof140/200 cm140/200 cm
Weight without battery 770 Kg935 Kg
Weight with battery1624 Kg1944 Kg

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